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Parasyte -the Maxim- Episode 13 English Dubbed

Parasyte -the maxim- Episode 13.
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Episode 13 of the TV Anime Series Parasyte -the maxim-

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  • Brandon Ehrman

    I really like the music in this anime

    • Nel Ca (ichinel)

      Fuck no.


      The first is terrible, the second is AMAZING!

  • IgNnight Emy


  • Jacob bienke

    Its not loading for some reason

    • retry now,its working fine.

      • Jacob bienke

        Thanks can you recommend any other anime’s like this and full metal alchemist style

        • Mustard Cream

          Try watching “Another” its a horror anime. Or deadman’s wonderland. Kabanari of the iron fortress is another amazing one which I would recommend above the other two.

  • kym

    Damn Murano is annoying.