Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Live Action Movie Part 1 Subbed

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Movie Part 1. Watch Parasyte: The Maxim Live Action Movie Part 1 in High Quality HD online on
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  • that is how a real asian translator uses english in abusive english way xD
    and they say weaboo, wannabe and otaku…lol

    • OK Saitama

      Im an asian myself and I can definitely say those subtitles are fucked up I hope I can find a better translation than this

      • wait, the movie is still messed up? that is weird cuz sote site usually makes correct subs really fast and my post was long time ago.. i better report that to hoster.

        ahh that is good if you would but also report so this may get deleted just noone needs this anyway XD

        • Movie is trash but well i will update it with some better version in day or two.

  • hipster_neko

    i suggest not watching this version unless you understand a bit of japanese since the subs are shit and some doesn’t really convey the meaning… well, still watchable if you watched the anime since you’ll know what’s happening lol

    btw , this is one of the few rare good anime/manga live actions out there :)

  • true without japanese the english conversations are…incorrect if i remember it goes so offroad like you are talking about a girl but instead you talk about a computer game lol

    i don´t think you get a real meaning from it when you watched the anime.

    sure there are simliar things but the movie also didnt had the girl who was killed middle of anime (that a important part which i missed why wasnt she in the movie!?)

    the movie is also a bit offroad from anime, so some conversations also didnt even appear in anime. so without understanding japanese i think it is just a mess to watch it.